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to hear the heart behind the Girls With Guitars Challenge!

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Welcome to the Girls With Guitars 30 Day Learn to Play Challenge! 

I am so excited you're here!

trust me, I Get It. 

I remember what it was like to want to be able to play guitar, 
but I didn't have the confidence that I could do it... 

now, Not only do I play guitar, but I'm here to teach you to play as well!

My name is Krista Francis and it is my honor and joy to raise up gals of ALL AGES to play guitar from the heart of worship!

There's plenty of reasons you may not be playing guitar yet...

Learning guitar may have been one of those "backburner" desires...

You may have told yourself for a long time that "One Day" you would learn to play...

You may have tried before with Lessons or Youtube videos, but the lack of motivation and community caused you to eventually stop...

You may have had a bad experience or like me, felt intimidated thinking you couldn't do it...

You may have played in the past but it's been a long time since you played consistently...

But the desire is still there...


Maybe you dream of creating a space for yourself and others to worship...

or you envision leading your family in song at home...

You're on the go and would love to play an instrument that's easily portable...

you want to be able to accompany yourself...

You want to put music to all those songs you write in your head!

Whatever the dream is, 
playing guitar can bring your desires to reality!

the Girls With Guitars 30 Day Learn to Play Challenge Takes The Guess work OUT So That You Can Jump IN!

Let's Go On A Journey Together And Discover What's Inside Of You!

So, What Are You Waiting For?...

there's never been a better time to finally GO FOR IT!

Can you Picture Yourself Finally Learning Guitar For The First Time, Or Brushing Up On Your Skills In A Safe Community Of Godly Girls And Worshiping Women?

That's What The 30 Day Girls With Guitars Challenge Experience Is All About!

You're Not Too Young, And You're Never Too Old...

learn to play guitar from the heart of worship!

If this has been a dream in your heart, then you're in the right place! 

You Might Be Asking: 
Krista, Why Are You So Passionate About This?

here is what I know...


I believe This is YOU.

YOU have a unique God-given sound that needs to be released out into the world...your sound is waiting to be heard!

It makes a difference and It's not about being on a stage!

It's about stepping into your life, your song and your sound...

So, If this resonates in your heart, jump in and don't let anything slow you down! 


teens, College-Age, Moms with Daughters, Single, Married, empty Nesters and Grandmas... 


I Want To Invite You To Join Me For The Next 30 Days To Dive Into Guitar, Voice, Song, Prayer, Writing And Growing In Your Spiritual Gifts!

I love to worship and I truly found my voice when I learned to play guitar. Now I'm On a Mission to empower YOU and as many other gals who will accept the challenge to RISE UP and see this god-given dream become a reality!

I am so excited to meet you and start this 30 day journey together!

See you July 1st!

With all my heart,


 If You Are...

  • Mom and Daughter Duo  (Learn Together!)
  • ​Homeschooling Mom
  • ​Middle or High School (with parent permission)
  • ​College-Aged 
  • ​Single, Married or an Empty Nester
  • ​A Grandma

​... And You Want To Play Guitar...
This Challenge is for you!

You Might Be Asking, "Krista, How Will I Grow During This Challenge?"

How Will I Grow As A GUITAR PLAYER? 

We will focus on beginning guitar, basic chords, rhythm, basic theory, special guest teachers and interviews...and MUCH MORE!

How Will I Grow As A SINGER and WRITER? 

You will practice using your voice POWERFULLY in the unique way you were wired. Playing and singing together right from the start!


You will learn and practice hearing God's voice as a musician and then singing what you hear and see!  We will learn from the musicians in the scriptures! We will pray for activation of your spiritual gifts. We will grow in community with God TOGETHER!


When You Join The Challenge You Get...


ONE 30 minute guitar lesson usually costs at least $30...You get 30 days of LIVE lessons, community, interviews and mentoring and the chance to win Awesome prizes...for a one time investment of just $30! ($900 Value!!!)


Join the Private Facebook group for power-packed interaction, encouragement, collaboration and community!


Hear from some of the most incredible musicians, writers and worship leaders today! 

You won't want to miss these special times with different guests where you will hear the heart behind the music!

"Movement Maker" 

Check out Krista's song, "Movement Maker" 
based on the Girls With Guitars story! 
This was written for YOU!

"Movement Maker"
Streaming on All Platforms!


You will have the opportunity to Go Live on Facebook, in the private group to practice, see your progress and encourage and connect with others!

Don't fear! I promise we'll make it fun, easy and exciting!


You will get the bonuses, and have the opportunity to win in ALL the contests! 

  • ​Grand Prize giveaway at the end of the challenge ($250 Value)
  • ​Enter To Win  Songwriting Sessions with Me or One Of My Featured Guests. 
  • ​We​ekly Challenges to keep you motivated!
  • Daily Prizes and Giveaways to help you show up powerfully!
  • ​Downloadable PDF Charts 
  • ​Helpful Tips and Tricks to get you farther, faster!
  • ​Weekly Devotions and Worship times
  • ​Bonus Sessions (To be announced)


(Buy, borrow or dust yours off!)

A Guitar Tuner
(Easy to download on your smartphone)

(Guitar picks and a capo are optional, but great if you have them!)

Here's what other Girls With Guitars are saying...


Meet Glenda from Australia...
Your July 2022 Co-Host!

Susie from Tennessee...

Sarenna from North Carolina...

Susie From Tennessee

Sarenna from N. Carolina...

Corrina from California...

Here's What Others Girls With Guitars Are Saying from our past challenges...

In the midst of this time of social distancing and quarantine, you've made a commitment to all of us. 
This GWG challenge has been a huge hug from God.🤗
Thank you, for listening to the Holy Spirit's voice in starting GWG. 
We are all extremely blessed by you and and each other. Thank You God!!!
-Alicia T.

I saw an ad for GWG just a few days after God placed in my heart a desire to learn the guitar for the purpose of leading worship. When a FB friend posted the ad as well because he knew Krista personally and said how much she loved Jesus, I decided to sign up. GWG gave me so much more than I thought it ever would! I found a safe, encouraging group of friends who were learning along with me. I couldn’t wait to jump on every day to learn something new and worship God with my friends. I am amazed at what I can do with a guitar and songwriting after one month. Krista is an amazing teacher and knows just how to support and encourage no matter your age or level of ability. GWG is so much more than guitar lessons! It is also training for your heart and mind to respond to the Father in personal and public worship and praise.
-Janelle B.

My relationship with the Lord is soaring because of this course. It has allowed me to stay disciplined and practice everyday and I am growing. My personal worship time has brought me to tears several time because I am able to play a new song for Him. Thank you from the bottom of my spirit.
-Ashley S.

My entire life I’ve had a wall up, and listened to that voice in my head that said “I can’t play instruments”. January of 2020, God started to pull me out of that rut. He put a guitar in my hand and gave me four clear chords for the first time ever...only problem was, that I didn’t know what to do next...
That’s when “GWG” came into my life! It has been life changing. In 30 days I’ve mastered several critical chords. Gained confidence. Received a community of AMAZING friends, I learned to write songs...but most importantly God has broken down all the walls the enemy put up around me keeping me from deepening my “worship growth” in music. Freedom, growth, and fun is now waiting around every corner when I pick up the guitar!
Krista is unlike any other YouTube/online instructors out there...her pace and the wisdom & information she delivers is perfect for all age levels to retain. God has His hand in this group and on her gift of teaching for sure...and you too will experience something very special if you commit to the 30 Day learn to play challenge! Blessings!
 -Barbara Ann H.

I had so much fun learning guitar, getting over lack of confidence fears, being blessed by all participants, and being able to be a blessing as well. Thank YOU for all the prayer and time that you are investing in each one of us.
-Rosie L.

I connected with some amazing girls in this loving musical community. 🎶 I wrote an original praise song from learning beginner chords in the 30 day challenge and plan to record it with other instruments in the future. 🎶 I had a friend ask me to be their child's guitar teacher when they heard me play. 🎶 I grew closer to the Lord through learning a new instrument and playing guitar music to scriptures. 🎶
-Nikki B.

"If you are a senior thinking if you should join Girls With Guitars or not, please don't hesitate. I am 65, have picked up and put down my guitar so many times. Krista has been such an inspiration that I now pick it more often. She's such an inspiration, I now am playing bar chords that I always avoided. GWG is a community. "
-Christy S.

Oh my gosh! This is an answer to prayer! My daughter got a guitar for Christmas and we've been wanting to get her in lessons. I've actually been looking into putting her in an online class!  Wow! 
-Missy B.

I have had my guitar for 40 years, but life always got in the way of my learning to play. I recently picked it up and started an online tutorial but put it back down after 2 lessons. I would like to see if the camaraderie and accountability of a community of like-minded "girls" would be the catalyst I need to help me succeed!
-Carolyn W.

I love it! I've Been called to pick up my guitar and have been praying for guidance! This couldn't be more perfect. Plus, with a trusted friend? Yes, please! God is good! Grateful you answered your divine calling. This is going to be a blessing to so many! 
-Karin K.

 I want to be a part of this!!! I often think of the time you sang and played Carried To The Table and that’s when I first felt God was real...He was made real to me in a very personal way through music!!! Very inspiring!
-Bethany K.

“I have had the privilege of hearing Krista lead worship with her guitar when we were in college together, as well as in the years that have followed. Again and again, I am deeply moved by the Spirit of God during those times of worship together. Krista’s love for music is obvious, as she can be heard singing at any given moment of the day, but her passionate love for, and desire to serve Jesus, stands out far beyond her obvious skills with music. Krista is an experienced teacher, a talented musician and singer, a passionate worshipper and intercessor, but most of all a woman after the heart of God. Anyone choosing to connect with her in this challenge will not only come away with a blessing, but will plant seeds of blessings for the future.”
-Wendy T.


We Start On July 1st!

 30 Days for $30

  • ​All-Access to Facebook Private Group
  • ​25 Minute LIVE Lessons in the Girls With Guitars Facebook group - Monday through Friday - 7 pm Central 
  • ​Lessons always available on replay for your most convenient time
  • ​Downloadable Resources
  • ​Incredible Community and support
  • ​Weekly Devotions 
  • ​Prayer and Worship sessions
  • ​Special Guest Sessions
  • ​Daily Prizes, Weekly Contests and Challenges
  • ​Grand Prizes!


Q. Why is it called "Girls With Guitars"? Do you just teach young girls?
A. No! In fact, our average age is over 30! We have had ages 7-70 + and that makes the challenges all the more fun!  At heart, we are all "girls" who's ages span across different generations!

Q. Is this real? There's a lot of stuff on the internet that's not legit...
A. Read our testimonials from the past 2 years of GWG...We have an amazing community of guitar gals. Over 650 have taken the challenge and learned to play in the past 2 years!

Q. Why is the Challenge so inexpensive? Is it any good?
A. I believe in making things as accessible as possible while still asking you to invest in yourself during these 30 days. I would highly recommend investing in the VIP upgrade to get the very most out of the entire 30 day experience, but I want everyone who has the desire to play to be able to take part at whatever level they choose!

Q. What if I already play guitar? Should I sign up if I already know chords?
A. Absolutely! Take the 30 day challenge! Use it to challenge yourself to practice every day for 30 days and improve at whatever level you're at...And get to know our awesome GWG community! Come inspire and encourage others who are learning to play for the first takes a village!

Q. How does the Registration process work?
A. Sign up here on the website, then you'll receive an email that will help you find the private Facebook group and request to join after you've registered. The Facebook group is where our daily live lessons will take place and where you'll post your practice videos, too!

Q. What if I can't make the 7 pm live lessons? Should I still sign up? (especially overseas)...
A. Yes! You can watch every lesson at your most convenient time. They will be organized and uploaded every day. You will have access to them the entire month and beyond.

Q. I have a young daughter, should I sign her up?
A. I would highly recommend that moms take the challenge and help their daughters along. What a way to bond over the summer! Girls over 13 years old can usually handle the pace if they are motivated, but I always encourage moms and daughters to do it together!

Q. What if I don't have a guitar?
A. Don't overthink it! Call around, borrow one, look on Facebook Marketplace. Get creative - you can do this! If you are in the market for a new guitar, we have a GWG Rep at Sweetwater Music who you can call directly for recommendations and discounts! Call or Text Logan Wilson: 260-230-4008 - make sure to tell him you're with Girls With Guitars to get the discounts and perks!

Q. What if I have more questions???
A. Just email me! and I will get back to you as soon as possible! I'm here to serve you on your guitar and worship journey!


A Day In the Life of Girls With Guitars...

Screenshot of Day 1 of our first 30 day Challenge in May 2020...
Ready, Set, Go!

Getting to meet some Girls With Guitars in person after bonding through our 30 Day Challenges! 

Girls With Guitars Nashville Retreat - Sept. 2021


Meet Your Host, Teacher and Mentor: 
Krista Francis

Hailing from the great state of California and raised in Colorado, Krista holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, K-12 Music. She taught K-8 Music in Nebraska and has played guitar and led worship for over 22 years. 

As a full-time U.S. based Missionary with Global Outreach International, Krista travels the U.S. and internationally, partnering with ministries such as Eight Days of Hope Disaster Relief, Awaken the Dawn and Franklin Prayer House to lead worship. She is currently helping to establish the King's Hill House of Prayer in Nashville. She founded Girls With Guitars in May of 2020 during the Quarantine and views this ministry of raising up an army of worshiping women as her long-term calling.

With a passion for music, healing, prayer, teaching and story-telling, Krista desires to empower and equip the Body of Christ to advance the Kingdom of God. Her passion is to help create space for people to come into a life-changing encounter with the Love of the Father through Jesus Christ and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives. Her aim is to see the Body of Christ unified and activated, using their spiritual gifts together in a powerful and effective way according to Jesus’ prayer in John 17.

Krista lives in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee and is the proud aunt of eight nieces and nephews, ages 1-22! She attends Unite Church Nashville and besides teaching and leading worship, she is also passionate about Business and Entrepreneurship to help fund spreading the gospel.

You Can Do It !
Let's GO!


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